New Classes!

I was experimenting this week with some pieces for a few classes I’ll be offering in April (assuming they don’t get cancelled – I’ll keep you updated!) You can find the information for the classes here.


I love laying fiber out for wet felting projects – it always looks so cool!


And these guys are soooo adorable! I think they’ll be a hit!


The flowers were sort of a challenge, but fun, and the sunk is just stinkin’ cute! (see what I did there?)

New Website is Here!

So I decided to go with new website hosting service, both for affordability and flexibility in design. So far I am loving it, and it even allows me to blog, which I haven’t done in a LONG time! I’m really looking forward to this, and I hope to incorporate e-commerce into the mix, as well. But for now I like the set up just fine.

So far DreamHost has proven to be very easy to use and has allowed quite a bit more design than Shopify, which I had gotten in the hopes of integrating with other sites. 

Debbie Penley

Fiber Artist