Debbie Penley’s Fiber Art

Debbie Penley is a multimedia artist with a recent concentration in fiber art. With a focus on nature and wildlife animals, her work ranges from the realistic and lifelike to the abstract and whimsical. She enjoys the tactile qualities of her work, and is often amazed at the almost magical transformation of the raw materials from a fluid state into something more enduring and solid. She likes to retain the spirit of play and joy in her pieces, hoping to bring a smile to the face of all those who see it.

About the Process



“I LOVE him! Hands down favorite thing I’ve ever ordered from Etsy. Thank you!!.”


“Of all the gifts I gave my wife this Christmas this custom made ornament was her favorite. All other ornaments have gone into storage for 11 months, except this one.”


“Thank you so much for doing such a great job on the dog for my aunt!! She just loved it and started to cry when we gave it to her!! It really meant a lot!! Thanks again!!”