Debbie Penley



Birth Art made with stoneware clay
Crocheted Unicorn
Some of my first felted critters

Young at Heart



I have always been interested in making ever since I can remember. The mediums have changed throughout the years, but my desire to create has remained consistent. I enjoy being playful with my art, and prefer sculptural work to two-dimensional pieces. I have always found that I can picture three-dimensional forms easier than I can lay something down on a piece of paper. Without formal training, I’ve had to rely on books, articles, and online groups for my instructions. Thank goodness for these modern conveniencies! After workin in clay for years, I found my love for fiber first with amigurumi (making animals out of crochet.) But when I discovered felting, I realized that I could make my pieces much more quickly than I could crochet, and the rest is “history.”

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